CN Students Spend the New Year with Pope Francis


(Left to Right) Lizzie Barnum and Amanda Golson in the Vatican.

Freshman Lizzie Barnum and Sophomore Amanda Golson sing for their choir at St. Ann Church. They usually participate in local concerts, but this winter break they got to experience a higher calling.

The parish choir from St. Ann went to Rome as a pilgrimage to sing in Peter’s Basilica. They were hoping to sing for Pope Francis in the Epiphany Mass, the most holy mass, in January.

“It was a legal thing with the Sistine Chapel choir. We got word we weren’t actually allowed to participate,” said Golson of singing directly to Pope Francis. “Even though they handed out little books (at mass) that had the lyrics to the song so we can sing along.”

Barnum and Golson took part in the mass by singing along and enjoying the presence of the Pope. The Epiphany Mass was a two hour mass.

“It was pretty unreal. It was once in a lifetime thing we couldn’t pass up. A lot of people can’t say they were at something like that.”

They also went to the Papal audience which is when the Pope talks in an auditorium to a crowd. “As he walked down the center Isle, he was greeting everyone. It was really cool,” said Golson.

Barnum and Golson were in Rome for eight days. “We did a lot of ancient Rome tours, the Vatican museums and historical Basilicas,” said Golson.

Barnum and Golson did sing in a private concert at the Basilica Di Sant Eustachio for the public in Italy.