Stick to your “New Year” Fitness Goals

Are you trying to stay strong for your New Years resolutions? Are you worried you may fall short of your fitness goals?
Living a healthy lifestyle is a lifetime commitment, so never give up after a week.
If you use my tips to stay committed, you can have that body you want in no time.
The first and most important aspect is to set realistic goals by making small changes.
A “diet” is not about switching to all healthy food but instead slowly limiting yourself.
If you drink three diet cokes at dinner, try to cut it down to two in a weeks time.
Instead of eating all your French fries at Duffy’s, only eat half. These small changes will help shed that belly fat in no time.
To make a change, you must track your progress. Personally, I use a Smart Scale. With this, I can track my weight along with my body fat percentage to really crush my goals.
Whenever you hit the gym, which should be at least four times a week, jot down on a notepad what you did for exercise that day. By writing down your workouts, along with weighing yourself frequently, you can see what works and doesn’t work for you.
Never rely on the gym alone, as I said, 80% of fitness is your diet!
Next, I recommend that you partner up. Find a family member or friend that is on the same page as you. Together, you can push yourself past your reality into a new healthy lifestyle. With someone by your side, it is easier to stay committed to your lifestyle.
Lastly, repetition. Just like school work, your job, wherever you go. Always give 110% percent no matter what. If you stay committed in the long run, it will pay off. Many people quit after the first few weeks because they do not see results. Being fit is not an overnight effect, rather it is a lifelong commitment!