How I Incorporate Style Into My Daily Outfits


The society and people in general are changing. With new brands rising to market, comes new ways we can express ourself. I am a fashion connoisseur, always wearing the hottest brands to represent my personality.

Different people like different brands, which is the best part. There is unlimited ways we can express our self from head to toe. Most popular brands nowadays involve street wear brands such as Supreme and Bape (A Bathing Ape). Of course, everyone is familiar with the top designer brands, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Luckily, for the average teenager, you do not need to break the bank to stylishly dress.

My favorite street wear brand, founded by James Jebbia, is Supreme. Supreme, for certain people can be hard to buy. It is a perfect example because their company has plenty of outgoing clothing items. This allows you to express your every inner color. Supreme also is very neat because they do collaborations it’s pretty much every brand known to man from Louis Vuitton to Fox Racing.

Dressing in streetwear style is very easy to build up. Some lower end stores for streetwear shopping involve H&M along with browsing through Macy’s. Dressing in streetwear style is very comfortable as well. I love leaving the house in joggers and a t-shirt. Best part, is people give you respect for how you dress since you’re in the latest fashion trend. People normally layer clothes while building their wardrobe opposite of each other. Instead of having normal fitting shorts and shirt, wear tapered jeans or joggers then pair it was a hoodie that is a little oversized. Boom, now you’re a streetwear connoisseur. Another tip I try to follow is to wear monotone clothes then have my accessories pop, or the other way around. For example, I might rock some black jeans and a black shirt but with a red and green headband and red shoes. Other days, you will see me in a blue shirt then green shorts, with some monotone accessories and shoes. The best part about building up each outfit every day involves you feeling better about yourself and looking a lot more stylish.