Is the future of transportation electric?


Anton Watts

Are electric cars the future of transportation? When the electric car was in the early stages of development it had a very limited range on a single charge. This caused people to have “range anxiety” which is the fear of not having enough charge on your car battery to get you to your destination. Range anxiety was one of the primary reasons people did not buy early electric cars.

Now, car companies have developed batteries that can go 300 miles on just a single charge. For example, the Tesla Model S, a luxury sedan, can go a projected range of 337 miles on a single charge. Other companies now rival Tesla. Chevrolet has the Chevy Bolt which can go 238 miles on a charge and Nissan has the Nissan Leaf which can go 151 miles on a single charge. Both of these models are entry-level models which have caused Tesla to make their own entry-level model, the Model 3, which now beats the competition with a 310-mile range on a charge.

Tesla has the best range, while Nissan has the best value with their car starting at just $30,000. The competition between brands such as Chevrolet, Nissan, and Tesla, forces them to innovate and build better technology.

Electric cars are going to be the future of transportation. At the rate at which advancements are being made, the problems that electric cars had previously had with consumers will, over time, be solved. Tesla stated, “We are at work around the globe constructing new sites to enable additional routes and expand popular stations.”

Tesla plans to solve the problem of range with their supercharging station network. Their network would help make long road trips with electric cars possible, enabling more people to purchase their vehicles. This would eliminate the problems faced by consumers when switching to an electric car.

If the range anxiety problem is solved, then there is no reason not to own an electric car. Additionally, Elon Musk said, “We will not stop until every car on the road is electric,”. Elon Musk has the determination to make electric cars mainstream. That is why I believe that everyone will be driving electric cars one day.