Student Spotlight — Ashley Flynn


Ashley Flynn

The CN Blue & Gold sat down with Junior Ashley Flynn to discuss one of her many unique hobbies—tennis.

CN Blue & Gold: How long have you been playing tennis?
Ashley: I have been playing tennis since I was six-years-old.

CN Blue & Gold: What is your favorite part about tennis?
Ashley: I absolutely love the competition … [Tennis] is an individual person sport. I am the only person I have to rely on—I don’t have to rely on a team. It is just me, myself, and I on the court.

CN Blue & Gold: How many times a week do you play tennis?
Ashley: [I play tennis] two times a week, on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

CN Blue & Gold: Do you play in United States Tennis Association “USTA” competitions?
Ashley: I play a little bit in USTA competitions when I have time on the weekends.

CN Blue & Gold: What do you play at school?
Ashley: I play doubles at school and I was very successful. I made it to districts and both Allison Turner and I made it to 2nd place.

CN Blue & Gold: Regarding Newman tennis, what are you most excited for this year?
Ashley: I am really excited to just compete … because I have been progressing a lot since last season. I know that I will be doing a lot better and hopefully I will make it to states.