Crusaders RB too much for Jupiter

Crusaders Quarterback throws a bullet pass over a Jupiter defensive lineman.

There was excitement in the air Friday night as the Crusaders football team anticipated their matchup against Jupiter High School Warriors.

The game started with a 95 yard kick-off return by Jupiter at the opening of the game to make it 0-7 Jupiter. The Crusaders answered right away with a touchdown in the first to make it 9-7. Senior Jason Martin had a beautiful catch in the endzone for a touchdown to make it 16-7 in the sencond quarter.

Chris D’or was the man of the game however; the running back had three running touchdowns and blew past defenders who could not catch him all night. One of D’ors touchdown was in the third to bring the Crusaders up 29-26.

“It felt great to be able to contribute to my team. Those long touchdowns wouldn’t come without the help of my offensive line,” said D’or.

A last minute touchdown in the third quarter by the Warriors brought them ahead 29-33. But it wasn’t long before D’or touched the ball again for another amazing run in the fourth for a touchdown to bring the Crusaders up 36-33.

Martin had the last touchdown of the game to bring the final score to 43-41. The Crusaders are now 2-0 this opening season.