Lunch is either a friendly or lonely place to be this year

Lunch is either a friendly or lonely place to be this year

Regla Garcia, Opinion Writer

For those of us students that have been here for awhile, we know that lunch was always by grade level. As of this year, lunch is determined by the class you have fourth period – which is different every day.

With that said, one day you can be with one or all of your friends but on other days you can be alone.

For kids that have a large group of friends, this might not be a problem, but for those who have a small circle of friends the risk of being alone at lunch is greater.

Different faculty members have spoken their opinions on this topic. Some say that it is a safety regulation and that it will prevent any type of unwanted events from happening, thereby making it safer for the students. Others say, it helps with overcrowding at lunch.

Although I agree with some points, I still don’t see why this is a better way to organize lunch.

My main concern is if someone is having a bad day at school and he or she wants to eat lunch with his or her friends, he or she might not be able to because of this new lunch schedule.

I feel that a good medium would be to perhaps have freshman and seniors have lunch together and sophomores and juniors in another lunch.

My main goal is to ensure that every student is able to enjoy lunch and look forward to it.