Puppies Relieve Student Stress

Chloe Colbert, Staff Writer

A dozen puppies from Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue arrived at Cardinal Newman High School to relieve stress before the pivotal final exam week arrives.

“It makes me relieved from the stress of school,” said Freshman Logan Blitstein.

The goal of the rescue organization is to find suitable long-term homes for puppies that have been abandoned. Cardinal Newman invited them to the campus in an effort to raise awareness for dog homelessness and animal cruelty as well as to relieve stress a week before tests.

“I think it actually made me realize that having the puppies on campus is beneficial to students that might be anxious,” said Dr Higgins. “It seems like the puppies were a lot of fun for the students.”

All the puppies present were up for adoption. The last time Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue came to Cardinal Newman one of our teachers, Ms Hoffman, adopted her puppy, Theo.

“I’m a lot happier because I have someone waiting for me when I get home and it makes me a lot more active because I want to take him out for walks and play with him,” said Ms Hoffman. “Getting a rescue dog is a totally different experience than shopping for one.”

The students of Cardinal Newman High School loved socializing with friends and playing with the puppies. Puppy day brought happiness and joy to the students.

“These puppies make me happy and I had a fantastic time,” said Sophomore Maggie Rochefort.