Branch into Amino Acids to Stay Thin


Noah Rowsell, Nutrition Reporter

How can you stay thing, promote lean muscle and have beneficial workouts? Learn about Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA).  BCAA are not created in our body naturally, which is another reason why our diet is so important. 

There are nine amino acids in total. The top three amino acids in the branch chain are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They are considered branched-chain amino acids because they have a branched molecular structure. Most amino acids are broken down in your liver, but these three BCAA are being broken down in your muscle – which are a key factor to create muscle mass faster. 

A supplement form of BCAA is not the only way to get them into your body. Obtaining your protein and BCAA from real food is always a better choice. Some of the best foods to get your BCAAs in would include grass-fed beef, salmon, egg yolks, quinoa, and certain nuts. Whey protein concentrate is still the easiest way to get the essential amino acids in.

There are numerous benefits of consuming BCAA. The amino acids act as building blocks for protein and muscle. This helps the muscle building process go much faster while also promoting lean muscle mass for those who want to stay thin.

Aminos also help to regulate your blood sugar levels and even improve blood-sugar metabolism. BCAA can also help to reduce fatigue during exercise. If you are looking to keep up your stamina in the gym and recover from a tough work out, then BCAA helps with this obstacle. 

Even bodybuilders will also supplement with BCAAs because they are believed to enhance muscle growth while decreasing the rate of muscle breakdown. Leucine, in particular, is most known for its role in muscle building.

Again, BCAAs are found in a number of healthy protein-rich foods. Learning how to include them in your daily life will certainly enrich your daily healthy routine while also benefiting you greatly in the gym.