Cardinal Newman High School: How It All Started


When Cardinal Newman High School opened in 1961, it was very different from what it has become today. Newman was one of the only private high schools in Palm Beach at the time, leading to most students wanting to attend this school. Cardinal Newman has always been a Co Ed school, but originally genders were separated by building, except for one physics. The priest quarters were also located in the East side of the 400s building and the Sara Center was originally a convent. In 1971, there were a total of 1200 students, causing every classroom to be used every period with about thirty students in each room. The gym and cafeteria were built in 1973. The original cafeteria is known as the media center today. There was also no walkway connecting the 200s and 400s. Electric typewriters and computers were introduced to the school in 1992 and technology has greatly advanced from there. 

While there have been many changes to the school, there are still continuities. The courses have remained relatively the same as well as the atmosphere. Most of the time, the students were kind and welcoming, and everyone felt safe and comfortable going to school. Even though the school is different today, all of the changes made throughout its history have led to what the school has become today.