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The CN Blue & Gold Declassified Homecoming Survival Guide

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For many, homecoming week is the epitome of the high school experience; a week jam packed with fun themes, class spirit, and events. For others, homecoming week presents great fashion challenges and general confusion. Luckily, the CN Blue & Gold has you covered with a day-by-day analysis of the attire themes and the best tips and tricks for surviving the 2018 homecoming week!

Monday—Safari Day

Today, Freshman and Sophomores will dress as animals and Juniors and Seniors will dress as tacky tourists.

Freshman and Sophomores should focus on looks that resemble animals typically seen on safari’s. Draw inspiration from a zebra and wear black and white stripes,  or wear yellow/orange with black spots to look like a cheetah! If you would like to get even more creative, dress up like a lion with a big mane and whiskers or as an elephant with huge ears and tusks. Have some fun and really get in touch with your wild side!

Juniors and Seniors can get creative as tacky tourists and really have some fun. Some classic tacky tourist looks include Hawaiian shirts, bucket hats, and clunky sneakers with high white socks. To really get into the safari theme, wear cargo pants, hats, and sneakers with tube socks. Don’t forget about your sunglasses and lots of sunblock! And remember, you can never go wrong with khaki!

Tuesday—Decades Day 

Today, Freshman will dress with a 60s theme, Sophomores with a 70s theme, Juniors with an 80s theme, and Seniors with a 90s theme.

Freshman should look for inspiration in the space age and the hippie movement. Space age fashion was heavily influenced by the political tensions of the period and the introduction of synthetic fabrics. Prioritize shapes, colors, and bold accessories. Hippie culture was a response to the escalation of the Vietnam War in 1964 by President Lyndon B. Johnson. Hippie fashion revolved around peace, love, and music. Incorporate bright colors and patterns. Be sure to wear denim bell-bottoms, a tie dye shirt, and a headband. Try to incorporate tinted glasses and a peace sign.

Sophomores should consider individuality when deciding what to wear. During the early 1970s, the hippie look slowly faded out, giving way to increasingly casual and egalitarian styles. T-shirts were no longer considered underwear and became acceptable to wear in public. Fashion was generally laid-back back and involved t-shirts, sweaters, flannel shirts, wide-collared shirts, aviator glasses, jeans, and flared trousers. Disco style became popular towards the close of the decade. Consider wearing long sleeves and brighter colors.

Juniors should consider the effect that status and class had on the fashion of the 1980s. Although often casual, fashion heavily reflected wealth. In the early 1980s fashion and fitness collided. Consider wearing sneakers, an elastic headband, and leg warmers. Fashion also reflected increasing equality in the workplace. Women often wore slacks, a blouse, and a blazer. Striped t-shirts, leather jackets, and doc martens were popular. Jewelry reflected status and often included belts, beaded necklaces, and plastic bracelets.  

Seniors should consider the effects of globalization and the return to minimalist fashion. Athletic wear changed drastically in the 1990s. Sneakers, leggings, headbands, sweatpants, and athletic socks became popular. Grunge fashion, which was characterized by ripped jeans and flannel shirts, also peaked in the mid 1990s. Women continued to dress powerfully in the workplace, matching men with more muted colors. Casual clothing took off towards the end of the decade. Consider wearing jeans, sweatpants, a t-shirt, or a sweater. Hip-hop introduced jackets, tracksuits, and baseball caps.

Administration has confirmed that during D period all students will be called down for the senior valet sale. If you wish to bid, remember to bring at least $10 with you. The price will go up in increments of $5 so, if you wish to bid on a popular senior, be prepared with a sufficient amount of money. Be prepared to pay Mrs. DaSilva at the end of the sale or in the morning on Wednesday. If you win a senior valet this year, you will be permitted to dress them up as a Disney character on Wednesday. Be prepared in the cafeteria at 7:15 a.m. with a costume on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday—College Shirt Day

Today, all students get to wear their favorite college shirts! Shirts can be from any college ranging from Harvard to Palm Beach State. Make sure that your shirt is school appropriate. Always keep in mind that you might run into friends that are applying to the same school. You might run into future roommates. Do not forget to wear uniform bottoms.

Thursday—Music Genre Day

Today, Freshman will dress with a country theme, Sophomores with a rock & roll theme, Juniors with a disco theme, and Seniors with a hip-hop theme.

Freshman should consider wearing a plaid t-shirt with jeans, as this is usually the fastest way to achieve the country look. If you want to get more into it, get some boots, belt buckles, and maybe even a cowboy hat.

Sophomores can get creative with rock and roll, as you can do all black everything. During the rock and roll era bands like Guns and Roses and KISS defined the era. You can wear a black shirt, leather pants, black boots, and even add some black paint on your face.

Juniors get your disco on and wear every bright color you have. From big hair to tight clothes the disco era was the brightest and most energetic music genre. Girls you can wear scrunchies in a side pony or half up half down, and guys can just make their hair messy. Pull out your brightest, most metallic, and shiniest clothing you own for this day. Long pants that flare out, peace signs, and headbands will really complete your disco look.

Friday—Neon Day

Today, Freshman will dress with a neon orange theme, Sophomores with a neon green theme, Juniors with a neon yellow theme, and Seniors with a neon pink theme. In addition, students may wear jeans for $2. Seniors may wear jeans for free. Administration announced that there will be a pep rally beginning with E period.

The CN Blue & Gold is not an administrative entity and can not be held responsible for any punishments incurred for dress code violations.

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