Private vs. Public School

Private vs. Public School

Theresa Confoy, Opinion Writer

I have spent four years in the public school system and almost two in private school. I started Cardinal Newman last year and I feel like I have a good perspective on the major differences between private vs. public school.

The major difference I noticed was the amount of attention teachers gave me at private school. In public school, it seemed as if teachers had 200 plus students and it didn’t seem like they cared that much about my education or what happened to me. Perhaps public school teachers are too busy and overwhelmed?

In private school, I feel like I have more teachers that care; they ask me about my family and seem to care about my grades.

The next major difference that I noticed right away in private vs public school is the social atmosphere of each school. This has been the hardest part to adjust too. It was the biggest change for me.

It seems as if in private school people care more and pay more attention to others rather than themselves. Sometimes at private school it seems like people only care about what you have and not about who you actually are on the inside.

I’ve noticed that students could be a lot meaner in private school – students seem to be more self-involved. I have also found that private school is a lot more strict about things like uniforms, phones being out, and gum.

However, in regards to academic purposes, private school is a lot better. There is a lot more attention given to a student.

But overall, I prefer public school. I don’t think there is enough of a difference in the education value and amount of attention I get to makeup for the social atmosphere I dread as a teenager.

Maybe one day all of the things that I dislike about private school won’t matter, but for right now they matter to me.