Lunch schedule a productive change


Ally Hoffman, Health Writer

The Cardinal Newman’s new schedule for the 2018-19 school year is a really positive change for both the students and staff.

Students are better able to navigate through the cafeteria and lunch lines allotting more time to sit and eat with their classmates.

As a result, we see that our lunchrooms are more easily monitored and supervision is easier to come by being that teachers are now offered a designated lunch period.

In addition, teachers now have a time where they are able to decompress and complete any extra tasks that they may have on their plate.

In turn, we have happier and more productive students and staff that are interacting with people they might not have the opportunity to otherwise.

All grade levels are intermingled throughout the two lunches and teachers are able to sit and meet with their co-workers. Overall, this change is seemingly going to build camaraderie among the Cardinal Newman Family as a whole.